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Prometheus Rising discussion/exercise group

Week One (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week Two (by Tom Jackson)

Week Three (by Eric Wagner)

Week Four (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week Five (by Tom Jackson, with phodecidus)

Week Six (by Eric Wagner) 

Week Seven (by Apuleius Charlton). 

Week Eight (by Tom Jackson)

Week Nine (by Eric Wagner)

Week Ten (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week Eleven (by Tom Jackson)

Week Twelve (by Eric Wagner)

Week Thirteen (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week Fourteen (by Tom Jackson)

Week Fifteen (by Eric Wagner)

Week Sixteen (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week Seventeen (by Tom Jackson)

Week Eighteen (by Eric Wagner)

Week Nineteen (by Tom Jackson)

Week Twenty (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 21 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 22 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 23 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 24 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 25 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 26 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 27 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 28 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 29 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 30 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 31 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 32 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 33 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 34 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 35 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 36 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 37 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 38 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 39 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 40 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 41 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 42 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 43 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 44 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 45 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 46 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 47 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 48 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 49 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 50 (by Tom Jackson)

Week 51 (by Eric Wagner)

Week 52 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Week 52 (apparently I lost count) (by Tom Jackson)

Week 53 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 54 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 55 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 56 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 57 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 58 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 59 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 60 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 61 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 62 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 63 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 64 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 65 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 66 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 67 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 68 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 69 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 70 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 71 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 72 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 73 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 74 (by Apueleius Charlton)

Episode 75 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 75 part 2  (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 76 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 77 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 78 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 79 (by Apuleius Charlton) 

Episode 80 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 81 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 82 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 83 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 84 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 85 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 86 (by Tom Jackson)

Eposode 87 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 88 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 89 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 90 (by Eric Wagner.)

Episode 91 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 92 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 93 (by Eric Wagner)

Episode 94 (by Apuleius Charlton)

Episode 95 (by Tom Jackson)

Episode 96 (by Eric Wagner)

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