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Friday, November 8, 2013

Daisy Eric Campbell & Co. at the London Fortean Society

I'm so glad videos of the London Fortean Society's Robert Anton Wilson event are available. Part One is the lecture by John Higgs. Here is part two, with Daisy Eris Campbell and several British actors performing bits from her "Cosmic Trigger" play:

Daisy continues to see 23 pound donations to advance her efforts to stage the play. In her latest email bulletin, she writes, "Many thanks to those of you who've donated... So far I have used your cash to:

"Set up a theatre company
Book myself on a crowd-funding masterclass
Partake of a hotdog (bunless, of course)
Start getting the fundraising film off the ground

"The remaining money will go to the Wilson Estate to secure an option on the rights, so I really do need just a few more of your hard-earned bio-survival tickets to get the official crowdfunding campaign launched, complete with kick-ass fundraising film.

"So I'm confiscating your Popedom until you cough up. "

The link for donations is in the emails; to get on her email list, write to

Nick Helweg-Larsen, who is helping with publicity for Daisy's efforts, writes:

"She said for those stateside, it's up to them to decide whether they donate £23 or $23.

"She wanted me to make it clear they are raising funds in part to get the rights from the estate as she doesn't want to upset Christina by seeming presumptuous.

"And anyone who donates £23 pre-official campaign will be on the guest list for the Grand Discordian opening night party (there will be one in the UK and one in the States)."

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fuzzbuddy said...

Hold you hempscript and flaxscript for now. Daisy is wanting donations in the future now, to be announced.