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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bobby Campbell's RAW coffee talk

Here is Bobby Campbell's "RAW Coffee Talk," recorded on July 28, 2018. Bobby gave a riveting talk, and you will be doing yourself a favor if you listen to it. A little over an hour long. The first few seconds are cut off, but you'll be fine if you realize he starts by talking about the republication of Robert Anton Wilson's "Historical Illuminatus" books by Hilaritas Press.

You can also listen to Apuleius Charlton and I interview Prop Anon, listen to or read my Robert Shea talk, and listen to Apuleius' "RAW and magick" talk.

Bobby's intro:

Enclosed please find an A/V presentation of my RAW COFFEE TALK, given at the Anchor & Anvil Coffee Shop in Coraopolis, PA :)))

Topics discussed include the secret origins of my Discordian initiation, creating the artwork for the new editions of the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, and a deep dive into the Noid, the Domino's Pizza demon.

This talk was part of a weekend of exploring the lives & ideas of Robert Anton Wilson along w/ fellow RAW enthusiasts Tom Jackson & Gregory Arnott at the Confluence Science Fiction Convention.

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