Monday, November 20, 2017

RAW community 'like a vacation in Ireland'

Here's a quote from Prop Anon, author of the upcoming biography,  Chapel Perilous: The Life and Thought Crimes of Robert Anton Wilson. 

"One of the greatest things about writing this book on Robert Anton Wilson has been all the great people who have contributed.  This is rare. There is such a low 'snake' factor in the world of RAW
It's like a vacation in Ireland."


Doing this daily blog, I've been struck also by kindness and generosity, in general, of Robert Anton Wilson fandom.

Above is the illustration Bobby Campbell did for my online Illuminatus! reading group. When I did the group, Bobby surprised me by creating the illustration and sending it to me to show his support. Many other people have sent me news tips or have otherwise done nice things to help me.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Discordian band releases new album

The name of the band is Chandeliers, described as a "synth musik band" on Twitter, and the new album's name is Law of Fives, the new album is expected out Monday. The above video for the first track has great visuals and you should take a moment to look at it.

The band is interested in Discordianism, hence the album's name, discussion on this radio show. 
The band is from Chicago, website here.  The band is on Twitter.  Also on Instagram as Chandeliers23.

Hat tip: @advantardeodotus on Twitter. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Good Mondo 2000 video on RAW

The Mondo 2000 website has posted a video of R.U.Sirius interviewing Lance Bauscher and Eric Wagner. It's a little under 40 minutes, and I enjoyed it when I watched it Friday night.

R.U.  explains, "This lovely video by Satori D adds some great visuals to an interview I conducted with Lance Bauscher, director of the great film Maybe Logic and Eric Wagner, author of An insider’s guide to Robert Anton Wilson shortly before his passing. Enjoy!"

My favorite bit is when R.U. asks his guests for their favorite RAW books (and also answers the question himself). R.U.'s picks come closest to what I would have said; Eric's pick surprised me. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

New 'Coincidance' to feature Alan Moore introduction

Alan Moore

As work continues on the new edition of Coincidance: A Head Test that will be put out soon by Hilaritas Press, Richard Rasa has given me permission to share a bit of news: The new edition will feature a new introduction by Alan Moore. This continues the Hilaritas Press tradition of adding new material as it puts out definitive new editions of Robert Anton Wilson's work.

The people involved with the production of Coincidance have mostly kept quiet about this, although Moore himself let the feline slip out the bag in a recent interview.

Rasa said I could quote this bit from Moore's introduction:

This, for my money, is the most spectacular non-fiction work that Wilson ever penned, breathtakingly adventurous in both its content and its strikingly experimental form. Uncertain and demonstrably uncaring whether it’s a piece of literary criticism, metaphysical discussion or anthology of diverse esoteric writings, this remarkable compendium is best seen, in the spirit of its title, as a glorious accidental dance of meaning, modernism and mythology. 

No publication date has been announced for the new edition. I do know that work has advanced pretty far with copyediting and formatting and that Scott McPherson again will do the cover.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Get well wishes for Justin Raimondo

Justin Raimondo

Justin Raimondo -- co-founder and editorial director of the important site -- has posted a column, "I Will Survive," in which he explains that he has cancer, and appeals for support for the website.

Get well soon, Justin!

He is still Tweeting away, which I hope is a good sign. remains an important source of news and commentary. Here is a dispatch on the terrible crisis in Yemen.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New book on the 'eight circuits' of Leary and Wilson

New Falcon Publications has just put out a new book, The Eight Circuits of Consciousness, by James A. Hefferman.

The eight circuit model was created by Timothy Leary and is discussed by Robert Anton Wilson in the latter's book, Prometheus Rising. The dedication for the book reads, "DEDICATED to the memory of Robert Anton Wilson Vivat spiritus."

Hefferman explains the book in a YouTube video that's just under five minutes long:

I have not had time to read the book -- I really just heard about it. The paperback is a hefty $29.95, but the Kindle is $8.99. As with other Kindle ebooks, you don't have to own a Kindle to read it; you can use a Kindle app for your smartphone or whatever other device you use. I'll buy the Kindle soon and read it when I can.

Heffernan is on Facebook and lives in Sandy, Utah. He's a member of the Robert Anton Wilson Fans group.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The new biography of Wilson seems very promising

RAW biographer Prop Anon

No, I haven't been offered an advance look at the book. But R.U. Sirius has just done a new interview with Prop Anon (aka Gabriel Kennedy), author of the forthcoming Chapel Perilous: The Life and Thought Crimes of Robert Anton Wilson,  and it's very good, full of new information about Robert Anton Wilson's life and suggesting that the new book will be accurate and fair, and won't shy away from touchy subjects such as Wilson's attitudes toward feminism.

I also could not find any mistakes in Prop's statements, a good sign. Prop doesn't strike me as a libertarian, but his discussion of Wilson's libertarian beliefs, and how Wilson differed from more conventional libertarians, is quite good.

Here's a bit, about Wilson and Robert Shea: "Wilson and Shea became fast friends at Playboy. They would hang out together at the bar on payday. They, and their wives, would all hang out, smoke weed, watch TV or listen to records and think of funny sketches that made each other laugh. They had a lot in common: Both raised Irish Catholic, both left the Church young, both seeking to become full time free-lance writers. They both really dug into the Anarchist perspective."

Read the whole thing.

Also,  here is a Mondo article about a punk rock documentary Prop appears in.