Thursday, February 23, 2017

New book with RAW material [UPDATED]

Alex Burns

Book announcement for Personal Mythologists by Alex Burns:

In this intriguing book, Australian political scientist Alex Burns interviews premillennial subcultural icons and conducts New Journalism experiments.

The Personal Mythologists include Vali Myers, the Bohemian muse who created an artistic life; Peter Greenaway, the gifted and controversial film director; J.G. Ballard, the science fiction author who foresaw the Anthropocene; Noam Chomsky, the linguist and political scholar who campaigned for Timor-Leste’s freedom; Robert Anton Wilson, the guerrilla ontologist and target of internet rumours; Jack Sarfatti, the maverick quantum physicist whose time travel theories influenced popular Hollywood films, ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, who inspired fascination with the Mayan calendar, 2012, and virtual reality; Don Edward Beck and Chris Cowan, explorers of memes and human values systems; and Marshall T. Savage, who developed a long-term plan for humans to colonise space.

Personal Mythologists gives you an audience with the desires and dreams of creative geniuses.

I couldn't find the interview with Wilson on the Internet, so apparently this will be something not easily available. Unfortunately, I can't find any information yet on when the book will come out.

Source. Hat tip, Jesse Walker

UPDATE: When I couldn't find the book on Amazon (even on the Australia version), I asked Mr. Burns on Twitter when we should expect it. "Hopefully later this year once I finish writing and editing some new, reflective material."

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Part Three of Oz' Crowley/Deleuze series

 Gilles Deleuze

Recording engineer Oz Fritz has posted part three of his series of articles on Aleister Crowley and Gilles Deleuze, "with special guest Robert Anton Wilson." RAW fans will be interested in how Oz applies RAW's teachings. Oz also offers a suggestion on which Crowley book to try first: " If someone only ever wanted to get one book by Crowley, I would recommend that be The Book of Lies.  It contains instruction on the entire system of alchemy presented by Crowley.  It's ideal for anyone who likes puns and riddles and doesn't mind having their beliefs challenged.  No blame if you don't like it because it's all lies anyway."

A couple of good sentences: "For many years, I searched in vain for the philosophical Rosetta stone that would put everything in place so that it all made sense.  Making a grand tour of all the great thinkers of human history seemingly lead nowhere - to a desolate, dry, god-forsaken mental landscape of despair and collapse. I was in mortal agony.  After coming across the intuitive voice of Hoor pa Kraat in the Thelemic material, a voice that is not a voice, rather a silencing of internal chatter, I realized that the source of my mental confusion had stemmed from the classic error of putting Descarte before the Horus. ... "

Monday, February 20, 2017

A thought to ponder

 Walt Whitman

[This is quoted as a "Thoughts to Ponder" in Robert Anton Wilson's Email to the Universe, which I am re-reading. The new Hilaritas Press edition will be out soon; more news on that as it becomes available. I was struck by how contemporary the Walt Whitman bit sounded. Source. The Management.]

To the States or any one of them, or any city of the States,

Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved;
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this Earth, ever
afterward resumes its liberty.

— Walt Whitman

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Out of time?

 The Commodore 64, my first personal computer

I have sometimes wished that I had been born about 10 years later, so that I could have been a teenager during the 1980s, rather than the 1970s. It would have been interesting to be a teen during the early years of the PC and MTV, and I like 1980s New Wave pop music better than disco. It seems to me the main good thing about having to deal with eight track tapes and LPs when growing to love music in the 1970s is that I am old enough to appreciate the online/digital music revolution and how easy it has made it for me to have a huge collection of music at my fingerprints.

Which makes me wonder: Did RAW ever think he was born out of time? He loved modernist writers such as Joyce and Pound; did he ever wish he was a contemporary, or a least had followed more closely behind them? Although music technology would have been primitive, it seems to me he might have liked the musical culture better, too.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

'There is no president anywhere'

From Bobby Campbell

"There is no governor present anywhere"
Chuang Tzu
There is no governor anywhere; you are all absolutely free. There is no restraint that cannot be escaped. We are all absolutely free. If everybody could go into dhyana at will, nobody could be controlled — by fear of prison, by fear of whips or electroshock, by fear of death, even. All existing society is based on keeping those fears alive, to control the masses. Ten people who know would be more dangerous than a million armed anarchists.”

― Robert Anton Wilson,
Schrödinger's Cat 2: The Trick Top Hat

Friday, February 17, 2017

Alan Moore vs. Grant Morrison, a 'wizard's' perspective

Alan Moore

 A new article, "Two Of The Greatest Comic Book Writers Have Been In An Occult War For 25 Years," by "Urbanski," a self-described wizard, describes the ongoing feud between Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, the two famous comic book writers influenced by Robert Anton Wilson.

Urbanski says he himself is a "wizard," and that he brings a perspective to discussing the feud that other writers don't have:

So here's where we get to the part that most articles on the Moore/Morrison feud have missed. I'm a comics reader but probably not expert enough to really detail the history or quality of work other than at the 'fan' level. But I am an expert on occultism. And I can say this: the war between Moore and Morrison isn't just a "writers' fight", it's a "wizards' feud." It is two very different views on magick using comics as a medium to fire salvos at each other.