Saturday, April 29, 2017

Not available in any store!

Adam Gorightly has commissioned the manufacture of some Discordian patches, based upon a design from Greg Hill.

You can't buy the patch, but you can attempt to earn it from Adam. Details here.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Greg Arnott to lead 'Email to the Universe' discussion

Gregory Arnott. (Photo courtesy Mr. Arnott) 

The Email to the Universe online reading group will begin soon, on May 15. It will resemble past online reading groups (archived at the right side of this page). There will be a blog posting, and everyone else will be invited to post comments.

Greg Arnott has volunteered to serve as a guest blogger and lead the discussion. Mr. Arnott has handed over the first post to me. He'll handle all (or most) of the rest of the postings, setting the pace, inviting guest bloggers if he sees fit. He can  deal with it however he lives, and I'll post in the comments along with everyone else (reserving the right to do separate blog posts if there's something I want to talk about.)

I've enjoyed Greg's posted comments to this blog and have corresponded with him. He's a serious student of literature and has wide-ranging interests, and I'm sure you'll find him an interesting guide. He attends West Virginia University in Morgantown, W.Va., pursuing a graduate degree.

I've asked Greg to say a little bit about himself, and he obliged:

"I was born and raised in the Mid-Ohio Valley. After undergrad I ended up drifting across the States before settling in Colorado for a spell. I returned home to pursue my MA.

"The summer that I graduated high school I was gifted a copy of The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Over the next week I couldn't put it down; I would sneak away from working the register at the family pharmacy to go read it in the basement. The book dazzled me: I laughed, grew frustrated, learned to question everything, I think I was even frightened a few times. I would soon devour Masks of the Illuminati and Cosmic Trigger. Wilson serves as a touchstone and aspirational point.

"I spend my free time reading, babbling back and forth with my daughter, gardening, kayaking, or playing with my cat.

"I think reading the poem/essays in groups of three, occasionally altering that pace so we don't cross the separate Parts during the same week, would be a reasonable pace."

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A couple of news items

Rehearsal for Cosmic Trigger play, via Instagram. The goddess with the red hair is actress Kay Alderton, as Arlen Wilson. Over her right shoulder is Oliver Senton (RAW, Joseph Malik, Barney Muldoon)  Tickets. 

New Cosmic Trigger play Instagram account. Via Claudia Boulton's reliably interesting Twitter account.  

Nick Sand, who made Orange Sunshine LSD, has died. Good article here. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PQ on returning to Waywords and Meansigns

Waywords and Meansigns, the project to put James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to music, is putting out a third edition, and PQ is taking part again, joined by members of the Finnegans Wake reading group in Austin, Texas.

Here's a quote from PQ:

"It gives me great satisfaction and hope for humanity to know that so many people all around the world (contributors come from 15 different countries) have been immersing themselves in Joyce's great cosmic love letter, puzzling through the psychedelic dream opera and working to capture its inspired essence through music. The more people spending time reading and enjoying Finnegans Wake on this planet, the better. Its power of upliftment and enlightening humor is nuclear."

You can read my 2015 interview with PQ and Steve "Fly" Pratt on their contributions to the first edition.

Monday, April 24, 2017

'Secret Transmissions' podcast

Jeff Wolfe 

I downloaded the Occulture podcast interview with Jeff Wolfe of Secret Transmissions and enjoyed it immensely.

Jeff talks about his exploration of Ohio burial mounds, how he became interested in the occult, why he went from zine publishing to starting up a blog, his favorite horror movies and how Robert Anton Wilson influences much of what he does. Ryan Peverly is the interviewer and has good rapport with Jeff.

It's pretty long, about 90 minutes. Should be available for the various podcast phone apps. Some of the other Occulture podcasts look interesting, too.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Your April 23rd news

A couple of things from Daisy Campbell on Twitter. Her majesty looks oddly familiar.