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Monday, October 28, 2013

Coincidance, Week Seven

"The Married Catholic Priests' Convention"

"Self-Reflexive Surrealist Haiku"

"The Godfathers and the Goddess"

As Robert Anton Wilson remarks, the material in "The Married Catholic Priests' Convention" and "The Godfathers and the Goddess" overlaps quite a bit.  I must confess I had different reactions to the two pieces.  The humor in the "Priests" article mostly did not work for me and the satire seemed to me heavy-handed and mean spirited.

"The Godfathers and the Goddess," on the other hand, seemed very sharp and well-written to me, very fair minded and carefully observed. It illustrates one of the points Jesse Walker makes in his new book: That many of the wildest conspiracy theories can in fact be true. Wilson, perhaps out of caution, does not even mention the "strategy of tension" theory that many terrorist bombings in Italy in the 1970s  were carried out by right-wingers who hoped that they would be blamed on the left. If you look up Licio Gelli on Wikipedia, you find a heavily-footnoted article that repeats many of the most interesting allegations made by Wilson. An interesting sentence from the Wikipedia piece: "In 1996, Gelli was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature."

So many good sentences in the Marilyn Monroe piece. "Nobody had warned her that History is a blood sport, and the only one in which innocent bystanders are the principle victims." And then the next one: "She was as beautiful as the Parthenon by moonlight, as goofy as a surrealist painting and as hard to ignore or forget as a kangaroo in a symphony orchestra."

If you enjoy Wilson's haiku, such as this one, I have a suggestion: Follow Pipzi Williams on Twitter, a RAW fan who is very good at haiku. 



gacord said...

I thought "The Married Catholic Priests' Convention" was funny, myself. Not side-splitting funny, but funny nonetheless.

The haiku gave me a chortle.

Back in high school I did a report on Marilyn, particular the "mystery" surrounding her death. I found it curious then (and still do to some extent) that on the New York Times front page of Aug 6, 1962 right near (above or below can't recall...) the opener for her Death was an opener for "Pres. Kennedy pushes for safer drugs". CoincidAnce?

I'll second the call to follow Pipzi, I love her haikus.

fuzzbuddy said...

In thanks to St. Jude for favors granted. - A.W.

gacord said...

Isn't St. Jude the patron saint of lost causes?

fuzzbuddy said...

Yes, also what the media have called the recent storm in England.

Eric Wagner said...

I had forgotten that Bob mentioned that Marilyn read Proust. I don't recall any other mention of Proust in Bob's writing, but I may well have missed and/or forgotten a few references. Perhaps I will dip a madeleine in some Guinness and it will come back to me.

Illiaminated said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Illiaminated said...

Sorry the link i posted didn't work. Here's an interesting short mash-up of Wilson and Gelli:

Oz Fritz said...

I'm behind with the reading but did just post a comment in last weeks discussion just now.

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