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Appendix C: 23 Themes in Cosmic Trigger

By Charles Faris, Cosmic Trigger online reading group guest blogger

23 Themes in Cosmic Trigger

and where to find them…

1. Sirius—15

2. Against attributing objective reality to magickal (or any other) acts—16
—how do you know?—17
—zen master vs student rush to judgement/absurdity of statement—17
—through future research…—19
—being a dogmatic oldfangled…—19
—psychological, neurological, even parapsychological explanation—22
—archetype vs spirit—23
—Mescalito could be both—23
—a third model--Clarke's Law and Wilson's Corollary—24
—as many as want to—24
—opinions and proofs—31
—OOB—“Until I can devise an experiment”—33
—“speculating beyond the data”—34
—“what looked like”—39

3. Circuit theory—17
—terrestrial and future circuits—21

4. Chapel Perilous—18
—here come the drugs—18
—the vestibule of Chapel Perilous—20

5. Drugs—18
—here come the drugs—december 28 1962—19
—by mid 1963–40 trips in 26 weeks—20
—Mescalito—one day after—22

6. Metaprogramming—19
—re-organize or reimprint—19
—one can train oneself—24
—Mescalito vs kitchen chair—26
—3-D hologram—26
—Nasrudin, donkey, Cosmic Secret, most common error—27
—Nietzsche’s “greater artists”—28
—“change the whole personality”—36

7. Many Selves (24?)
—The Materialist—19
—being a dogmatic oldfangled—19
—The Skeptic—22
—The Materialist had seen him…most perplexing—22
—The Materialist—29
—The Skeptic—31
—The Reporter—32

8. Multi-model perspective—13, 14, 22-24
—“best models of this century”—35

9. Planet of Sleeping People
—regimented urban hive—20
—walk in mindless indifference—24
—remembering the invisible donkey (or rabbit) is the first step—28
—awakening reveals…invisible intelligence—28
—human chauvinist—29

10. Parapsychology
—telepathic communication with plants—21
—The Materialist knew too much to take it seriously...he continued to know too much…—21
—contact with entities—21

11. Kennedy Assassination—29, 30-31

12. Discordianism—29
13. Illuminatus!—29, 30
14. Synchronicity/Coincidence
—Oswald’s wife and sister of family doctor—29
—amusing coincidence vs. synchronicity—29
—The Net via nano Watts—30

15. Biography
—Oswald’s wife—29
—Kerry Thornley—29
—Alan and Jano Watts—30

16. The Net
—Jano Watts and The Net—30
—a visit to Millbrook—31

17. Clarity of Language
—metaphysical jabberwocky—35
—pre-scientific and vague—35
—post-einstein physics ala korzybski for language—35

18. 23 Enigma—41
19. Synchronicity—42
20. Non-local models in physics—42
21. Disinformation—47

22. Chauvinism
—electromagnetic—142, 198, 210
—type-G star—212

23. Illuminati
—1-6, etc

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