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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Robert Shea's letters policy

In what was apparently the final issue of "No Governor," issue 11, Robert Shea explained that he no longer had room to run every letter to the editor he received and that he would have to implement a new policy for handling them. I was delighted by the policy and thought I would reprint it here:

"I will publish letters that are surly and hostile in tone advocating positions that I consider a crock of shit, as long as they are not excessively long.

"I will publish letters that are surly and hostile in tone and excessively long, as long as they do not advocate positions I consider a crock of shit.

"I will publish excessively long letters that advocate positions I consider a crock of shit, as long as they are not surly and hostile in tone.

"But I will not publish letters I consider a crock of shit, are excessively long and are surly and hostile in tone.

"I get to decide what is excessively long, what is a surly and hostile tone and what is a crock of shit."

I'll post "No Governor 11" shortly, but if you can't wait, visit the official Robert Shea site.


Anonymous said...

Typical Bob Shea. Love it!

michael said...

It's weird, but subjectively (of course!) I read this and it FELT RAW-ish to me. I recall Leary's idea about reincarnation, which he personally defined within a neurobiological/ethological bend: anyone who has made an impact/imprint deeply enough in you has been reincarnated within you. How could RAW and Shea have NOT made imprints in each other's nervous systems?

Then again, they were both (RAW/Shea) Tough Guys from Chicago who valued humor, had worked at many editing jobs, and, quite active in Sixties ideas, transcended their Silent Generation character structures.

Thanks for typing these out, Tom.

Mike said...

I like to think there is a bit of Bob Shea reincarnated in me - not just in DNA but intellectually as well.

I shut off comments on my blog because I will not publish letters I consider a crock of shit, are excessively long OR are surly and hostile in tone. And I hate spam.

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