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Monday, October 22, 2012

Quantum Psychology, Chapter 18

[I reproduce the exercizes unchanged here. As with many of them, they will likely make the most sense of you have actually read the chapter in question. -- The Mgt.]

1. J. Edgar Hoover, head of our secret police for over 50 years, now appears to have lived the life of an active homosexual. He kept files on the sexual behavior of politicians, business people, actors and anybody who could advance or harm his career, and used these files for blackmail.

Try to figure out Mr. Hoover's imprinted and conditioned selves, according to the above analysis.

2. Try the same on Jesus Christ.

3. Try Thomas Jefferson.

4. Let each member of the study group pick some subject or victim -- not part of the group, but someone the member sees daily. Let the member study that person carefully and analyze which selves appear most often, how frequently the selves shift, and which self (if any) appears dominant most of the time.

5. This exercize will seem the hardest in the group, but try it, anyway. Observe yourself for a week, and try to see which selves appear most often, if one self appears dominant, etc.


phodecidus said...

I didn't know that J. Edgar Hoover regularly committed homosexual acts but I always heard that he actively wore women's clothes.

I've also heard that the majority of crossdressing men tend to prefer the company of women. If J. Edgar Hoover did not lead a homosexual lifestyle but rather just crossdressed, I would guess that he had an early sexual imprint involving women's clothes.

I wont take the time to read a book on J. Edgar Hoover but I'll try to get my hands on the recent biopic of his life and see if that changes my mind.

Eric Wagner said...

1. I also thought of watching the Eastwood film "J. Edgar." I know Bob loved Clint's films.

I think Hoover took a strong "You're not OK" second circuit imprint. I think he may have had an ambivalent first circuit imprint- "I'm OK, but I need to hide the truth about myself." He seems to have taken a strong pro-USA third imprint, and phodecidus has commented on his fourth circuit imprint.

2. I think JC took a general "I'm OK, You're OK" first and second circuit imprinting, although his second circuit imprint seems to contain a bit of "Sinner repent!" His first circuit contains the idea of himself as God. His third circuit seems to involve deep knowledge of the Jewish scriptures and various current Messianic ideas. His fourth circuit seems, from an orthodox perspective, to involve celibacy.

3. TJ seems again to have an "I'm OK, you're OK" first and second circuit imprint set, with a powerful Age of Enlightment gnostic third circuit imprint and at least some sexual attraction to women of color in his fourth circuit.

phodecidus said...

"I'm OK, but I need to hide the truth about myself."

Absolutely! I thought of this immediately after posting my comment. Crossdresser or homosexual - whatever he had to hide - J. Edgar Hoover spied on EVERYBODY to keep his secret safe.

"You're not OK" sums up J. Edgar Hoover pretty well while, "I'm OK," seems to sum up Jesus Crhist pretty well, unless you take his self-sacrifice and the idea of original sin as a "I'm not OK, You're not OK" signifier.