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Monday, November 19, 2012

Quantum Psychology, Chapter 22

[As the exercizes printed in the book do not seem viable for an online discussion group, I have with regret substituted a couple of questions of my own. -- The Mgt.]

1. Robert Anton Wilson mentions The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra as a book that makes a connection between a particular model of quantum mechanics and Taoism. Please suggest another book about quantum mechanics that might help the reader understand some of the concepts discussed in Wilson's book.

2. Explain the link between the "model agnosticism" that Wilson advocates here (and elsewhere) and quantum theory.


Thom Foolery said...

1. I have read a few popular science books on quantum mechanics and I enjoyed Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert most of all. Herbert lays out the basic science, but, more importantly from my perspective, he explains how at least eight different models/maps explain what this science means—all different models, of course!

2. To me, these eight-plus different models/maps of what quantum mechanics means provide an ideal demonstration of "model agnosticism." You have observations, and then you have the process of interpreting these observations to create their meaning. In psychological terms, each one of us inhabits a perspective from which we make observations and then we create the meaning, the "is" with which we explain those observations. "Model agnosticism" provides some breathing room, some space between the observation and the meaning-creation and can potentially reduce our territoriality and our fighting over the small mouth noises and ink squiggles we use to communicate the meanings we construct.

In closing, I wanted to thank Tom and all the others who engaged in this discussion group. You have all enriched my thinking and being-in-the-world, and I hope we encounter one another again, in the cyberworld or the "real" one...

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