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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A 'Widow's Son' bibliography

I thought fans of The Widow's Son might enjoy a bibliography of the real books cited in that fine novel's copious footnotes. Where possible, I have included a link for more information. I've also skipped shorter works Wilson cited, such as newspaper clippings and the First Surrealist Manifesto. I also have omitted apparently fictional books, such as Golden Hours by de Selby. The footnote at the end of Part One, Chapter 8, is not specific enough for me to provide a citation; I can't tell if it's a real book or a joke. I have verified that each of the below is an actual book (or at last a pamphlet) cited (or at least mentioned) in a footnote. Let me know about any mistakes.

Allen, Gary, The C.F.R.: Conspiracy to Rule the World.
Allen, Woody, Getting Even.
Bacon, Francis, New Atlantis.
Baigent, Michael; Leigh, Richard, and Lincoln, Henry, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.
Bello, Nino Lo, Vatican Papers.
Bennett, J.G., Witness.
Bernard, David, Light on Freemasonry.
Carr, William Guy, Pawns in the Game.
Christiani, Dounia Bunis, Scandinavian Elements of Finnegan's Wake.
Daraul, Arkon, History of Secret Societies.
de Sede, Gerard, La Race Fabuleuse.
de Sede, Gerard, Le Vrai dossier de l'enigme de Rennes.
Durant, Will, Rousseau and Revolution.
Foot, Paul, Unsolved: The Mysterious Death of God's Banker.
Glasheen, Adeline, Second Census of Finnegans Wake.
Gordon, Thomas, and Morgan-Witts, Max, Year of Armageddon: Pope and the Bomb.
Hammer, Richard, The Vatican Connection.
Hammett, Dashiel, The Maltese Falcon.
Hoffman, Banesh, The Strange Story of the Quantum.
Joyce, James, Ulysses.
La Barre, Weston, The Ghost Dance: The Origins of Religion.
Lernoux, Penny, In Banks We Trust
Nettl, Paul, Mozart and Masonry.
King, Francis X., Ritual Magic in England.
Knight, Stephen, The Brotherhood: The Explosive Expose of the Secret World of the Freemasons.
Legman, Gershon, The Guilt of the Templars.
Masterman, John, The Double Cross System in the War of 1939 to 1945.
O'Hehir, Brendan; A Gaelic Lexicon for Finnegan's Wake and Glossary for Joyce's Other Works.
Oglesby, Carl. The Yankee and Cowboy War.
Paoli, Mathieu, Les Dessous D'une Ambition Politique.
Phipps, William E., Was Jesus Married?
Robison, John. Proofs of a Conspiracy. (Text is here.)
Solomon, Maynard, Beethoven.
Spencer-Brown, G., Laws of Form.
Thomas, Gordon, and Witts, Max Morgan, Pontiff.
Waite, Arthur Edward, The Rosicrucian and Alchemical Works of Thomas Vaughn and A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.
Webster, Nesta, World Revolution. The Plot Against Civilization.
Wilgus, Neil, The Illuminoids.
Wilson, Colin, A Criminal History of Mankind.
Wilson, Robert Anton, The Earth Will Shake.
Yates, Frances, The Rosicrucian Enlightenment.


Eric Wagner said...

Great job! I think Bob would have dug this. He loved this novel.

LJ said...

I loved that novel too.

Stephen J. Bushman said...

So glad you did this! So glad I ran a search before endeavoring to do it on my own!

I'm on my third read-through of The Widow's Son, and keep getting this itch to make a bibliography as I go. I actually started one a few years ago, on my second read, but have since lost the hard-drive it sat on. A google search led me (indirectly, though) here. Mine would include all of the fictional works also, as well as the uncited materials you opted to leave out.

Looking forward to seeing what else this blog has to offer!

Unknown said...

The Taking of the Bastille, the book mentioned above as being footnoted at the end of part one, chapter eight, is by Jacques Godechot and is indeed a 'real' book.

Unknown said...

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