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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

'Against Scientific Gatekeeping'

Robert Anton Wilson used to write a lot about the EXPERTS and excessive deference to authority, and Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer (who is doing great work in what RAW called the "war on some drugs") makes much the same point in his recent Reason magazine article, "Against Scientific Gatekeeping.", which argues that during the Covid-19 pandemic, a "priesthood" should not be allowed to decide which ideas should be entertained.

Singer makes it clear that this is not the same thing as embracing every crazy idea that comes along; he notes that after initial interest in hydroxychloroquine, "numerous randomized controlled trials failed to demonstrate the drug's effectiveness." And about vaccines, he writes, "To be clear: As a physician, I have no doubt that the mRNA vaccines are both safe and highly effective, especially for the age group most at risk."

Singer will participate in an upcoming debate in New York City. on whether prescriptions of pain pills have driven the opioid epidemic.  And why isn't the FDA letting doctors prescribe Fluvoxamine as a COVID-19 treatment? 

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hugh said...

Thanks for sharing. I've come across a number of RAW passages recently that lead me to believe he would have had a far more nuanced take on this issue than simply pro- or anti-vax. I found his vitamin regimen essay particularly on point...