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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Cosmic Trigger 3 audiobook released

Oliver Senton, playing RAW in 2014. (Photo from official website). 

Rasa at Hilaritas Press announces that an audiobook of Cosmic Trigger 3: My Life After Death has been released and is now available on Audible and at iTunes.  

Like the first two Cosmic Trigger audiobooks, the latest is narrated by Oliver Senton, the British actor who portrayed Robert Anton Wilson is Daisy Campbell's Cosmic Trigger stage play. 

"This Hilaritas Press audio book, like the previous releases, was recorded, edited and mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Studios, Birmingham, U.K. (April 2019 – December 2021) Co-producers: Mark Sampson (Iron Man Records) & Steve “fly agaric 23” Pratt. Many thanks for a fantastic production from Oliver, Mark, Steve and Steve!" Rasa reports.

Click here to listen to a sample and get more information, including purchase links. 

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