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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

First week's RAW assignment for '8 Dimensions of Mind'

This has been a good last few weeks for material becoming available from Robert Anton Wilson's old Maybe Logic Academy courses. Prop Anon has now posted Wilson's class assignments for the first three weeks of RAW's "Tale of the Tribe" course at Chapel Perilous, Prop's new website.

And now, from Vincent Murphy, I can post the first week of class assignment's for RAW's 8 Dimensions of "Mind" at Maybe Logic Academy. Here is an interesting sentence about an Aleister Crowley ritual RAW posted: "PLEASE NOTE  that I suggested that you 'contemplate' this ritual, NOT that you perform it. Unless you have at least 10 years experience in Magick ritual of the Thelemic sort, you should not try performing any invocation of Horus. Reasons exist why occultists call him the Lord of Force and Fire."

Thanks, Mr. Murphy!

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Eric Wagner said...

Man, I loved that class and all of Bob's classes at MLA.