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Friday, June 3, 2022

Prop Anon interviews Matt Black

 Prop Anon, who recently launched his new Chapel Perilous website, has just posted a new interview with British musician Matt Black, possibly best known for his music duo Coldcut. Black is a big fan of Robert Anton Wilson and that's the focus of the interview. 

The interview includes discussion and a video of the song "Everything is Under Control," inspired by you-know-who's book, which also featured Jon Spencer (of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) and Mike Ladd; Black told Prop that RAW liked the track. (Watch the video for the song)

The interview also has a clip from the "psychedelic obituary" concert performance held after Robert Anton Wilson's death, which Black also discusses; it featured Bill Drummond, Alan Moore and Ken Campbell and it was a collaboration with Mixmaster Morris. I could not find a video of the whole thing, but a search for Morris and RAW on YouTube turns up bits like this one. (And in the comments for the link, I noticed RAW-influenced rapper Noah23.)*

There's also discussion about the 23 questions Black posed to RAW in a video interview. 

I watched the interview after reading about it in the first email newsletter Prop released after launching his website; sign up for it here. 

*"Take his Noah23 moniker, for example. "I got it from The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, which I read 23 years after the publishing date wearing a shirt with a 23 on it at the time I read the passage about 23,” he explains, nonchalantly adding, 'That was a pretty big deal'.”" (Source).

Prop Anon, a rapper himself, tells me, "NOAH23 is VERY Good.

"He emerged from the early 2000s underground hip-hop scene that I was part of. I have much respect for that dude. This is an amazing song he made with another great artist names Ceshi Ramos. (they sampled Daniel Johnston on this track)."

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