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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Maybe Day 2022 plans announced

July 23 is Maybe Day, the day of international celebration of the life and thought of writer Robert Anton Wilson. During the last couple of years, Bobby Campbell has taken it upon himself to organize a celebration, with a website and a downloadable PDF zine. 

Bobby is organizing a celebration this year, but instead of a zine, he has asking for people to publish their contributions on their own website. The various RAW-oriented sites will be linked together in a webring, as in the earlier days of the internet. Here's Bobby's announcement:

MAYBE DAY 2022 is our 3rd annual virtual celebration of the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson.

There will be a maybe logical explosion of memes that goes live on July 23rd 8:08 AM UTC at

We're going to switch things up a bit this year and introduce an old school webring, instead of the digital NT zine.

Everyone is invited & encouraged to share a weblink to the NEW TRAJECTORIES WEBRING!

This accomplishes a few things, including illuminating a path up, over, and beyond the walled gardens of corporate controlled social media platform monopolies, re-releasing the electronic extensions of our nervous systems back into the true wilderness of the world wide web.

I've got like maybe 5 websites I visit anymore, it's ridiculous, I'm ready to visit strange new worlds! The idea is simple: Make something cool • Share the link • Explore the webring :)))

There will be another online panel discussion, this one focusing on RAW's unfinished Tale of the Tribe project.

More here. The "approximate" deadline is July 18, but it would make Bobby's life easier if at least some of us would adhere to it, or even turn in our contribution early. 

I've come up with and discarded about three ideas so far for my own contribution; obviously, I have to get busy soon!

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