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Sunday, August 1, 2021

John Higgs does an exercise

John Higgs, with a friend.

 John Higgs has issued another newsletter, and I appreciate his kind words about my recent post on RAW's relevancy, but what I wanted to focus on here is something else.

John writes, "Like a good multiple-model agnostic, I make a point of reading both a left-wing and right-wing newspaper." This is what Robert Anton Wilson advised, of course, and it's relevant to an exercise in the next chapter for our Prometheus Rising group read. 

He continues, "In doing so I’ve been repeatedly struck this year about how the British right appear to be having a nervous breakdown." And he has some thoughts about what's going on. "As I’ve discussed elsewhere, I see a fundamental shift in the worldviews of those raised by television in the twentieth century and those raised online in the twenty-first. This comes from people now understanding themselves as fundamentaly connected to others, rather than as isolated individuals."

Read the whole thing to get more William Blake news and other cultural pointers from John. 

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Spookah said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Tom. Even though I'm a subscriber to John Higgs newsletter, I somehow did not get this one.