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Sunday, August 15, 2021

RAW interviews David Bohm


David Bohm

A really good discovery by Martin Wagner: Robert Anton Wilson interviews David Bohm, the famous theoretical physicist. Quite interesting. A couple of bits from Bohm:

"If you take a holistic view and try to apply it everywhere and refuse to think of any alternative, you will make mistakes. In fact, it was the mistakes of the medieval holists that led to the rebellion against them and the rise of mechanistic philosophy in Bacon and Newton. Now I think we see again in our time that the limitations of the mechanistic view are becoming obvious, so we need a new development of holism again. But the problem is never in any particular model per se. The problem is that models are thought, and thought is the past and can prevent us from fresh thinking now. No model is equal to the whole universe, because the only thing equal to the whole universe is the whole universe. No thought can grasp the whole, because thought is a part, not the whole. So we need to use each model where it is useful and replace it, without regret, when it is no longer useful."

"However, my best guess is that as we go along we will see more and more that these models are not mutually exclusive. We will see, I think, that the universe is like music, and that there are always at least two themes interwoven."


Rob Pugh said...

"No thought can grasp the whole, because thought is a part, not the whole."

"Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended."

Eric Wagner said...

Thank you Martin and Tom.