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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Steve Fly's Maybe Day thoughts

Steve Fly slept through the Maybelogues Zoom chat organized by Bobby Campbell on Maybe Day, but he didn't mean to, and Maybe Day was in fact important to him. He has written a blog post to explain, and to suggest that perhaps Robert Anton Wilson can inspire all of us to work together globally to help each other:

This is a prospiracy, the coming together of powerful forces for good, good due to the obvious benefit to all-around the world-humanity, and around-the-world ecological environments. Covid has raised the stakes in this prospiracy, and to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a practical challenge to all-around-the-world-humanity. By definition, it's a form of globalism, which by definition implies a coming togetherness of global citizens. Through the lens of prospiracy, this new health world order or global movement to protect the planet and its stewards, requires individuals to act and think with the interests of others (strangers) at heart. 

More here. 

Bonus: Steve points out that the movie Maybe Logic: The Lives & Ideas Of Robert Anton Wilson (2003) is available on YouTube. 

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