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Thursday, August 5, 2021

A word from El Neil

I've been reading the articles in New Trajectories 2, the zine Bobby Campbell put together for Maybe Day on July 23. (It's not too late to download your copy.)

My contribution to the zine was an article on Robert Anton Wilson's influence on the science fiction writer L. Neil Smith, 75, a Colorado writer who has written dozens of novels. I wrote to El Neil, as he's known to his friends and fans, and sent a copy of the article and a link to download the zine and got a reply:

"Thank you very much! Bob was extremely important to me. I miss his presence every day.

El Neil"

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Jesse said...

I had a long & very enjoyable conversation with Neil at a Libertarian Party thing way back in 1993. At one point he expressed his preference for "linear" over "non-linear" storytelling in science fiction. I pointed out that Illuminatus, which he liked well enough to allude to in some of his books, was rather non-linear. He smiled and said, "Yeah, but it's so *funny*..."