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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Oz Fritz on the vaccines

A vial of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine

Speaking of Oz Fritz, he  has an article, "Navigating the Pandemic Lockdown With Literature, Magick and Science," in New Trajectories #2, the massive zine Bobby Campbell put out for this year's Maybe Day, July 23. (You can still download your copy here.)

The piece had a comment on the COVID-19 vaccines I have been meaning to highlight here:

"Though still very controversial, the most obvious breakthrough in Science concerned the rapid development of new vaccines, some of them using a messenger RNA Covid simulation code to stimulate antibody response, the first deployment of this particular new vaccine technology. I am personally awed by the medical science response to the invasion of alien entitites (Covid) inimical to  human life. Within a relatively short period of time,  they figured out how to cleanly reboot our immune system to deal with it. Or to it seems to me. I know many people who are skeptical and consider this view naive. Tme will tell."

I appreciate Oz' caution and modesty in expressing his opinion (we are all still learning about the disease and the vaccines, and it's best to remain open to new information).  But I also agree with his opinion and think it's likely to turn out well. Almost everyone who has been hospitalized for the delta variant during the ongoing surge is unvaccinated; the vaccines can't keep everyone from getting the virus, but for most people they seem to keep the illness manageable. This seems to me, too, like a great success for science that ought to be celebrated more. 

I got vaccinated with Moderna is March and April, basically as soon as people my age in Ohio were allowed to get it. I know I could still get the virus, but I don't worry about it much. As Scott Adams wrote in July, "If you are unvaccinated, you are in the middle of a deadly pandemic. If you are vaccinated, it's Wednesday."

In any event, everyone should grab a copy of Bobby's zine. 


Hugh said...

You’d never know it was Wednesday for the vaccinated here in New England! Vaccinated people of all ages and risk levels are still acting as though it were Spring 2020 and death I may lurk around every corner. I personally find that as long as I keep a good sense of humor about it and laugh at much of the extreme behavior, and also feel sympathy for those who are fearful (even if unreasonably so), it’s no bother.

I should not need to say so, but that is not meant as a commentary on the vaccines themselves.

Anonymous said...