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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Get a PDF of Bobby Campbell's Tarot cards, designed by Timothy Leary


Bobby Campbell created a set of Neuro Tarot Cards, based on designs by Timothy Leary, and has given me permission to share a PDF file of them. 

Bobby emailed the file to some friends and explained, "Leary's bit about the Tarot cards being a neurogenetic script reminded me that several years ago I recreated a set of Neuro Tarot Cards he designed for The Game of Life, a PDF of which is enclosed.

"He layers in a bunch of different symbol systems on each card, outlining a pretty cool sci-fi mystic narrative, just saying absolutely anything he wants :)))"

Bobby has a Weirdoverse Patreon account.  You can also follow him on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Iain Spence said,

I was reading a blog recently about indie Tarot packs. Apparently Tarot artists now have access to POD style publishing.

But did The Game of Life go past the major arcana. Perhaps I'm imagining things...maybe there were court cards in the book too.
Bobby maybe you could ask Tim Leary's estate for permission to put out an actual pack.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, I didn't see the two court cards with the post. Very slow broadband here for graphics at times...
Looking good,

Bobby Campbell said...

Right on, Iain!

I played around a bit with POD cards w/ a set for Rushkoff's Team Human Podcast. They turned out pretty well. More cards are def forthcoming!

I made these designs for the current edition of the Game of Life book, and I'm pretty sure I recreated all the cards featured in the original.

It took me forever to make clean black & white versions of those Rider-Waite tarot cards, and so to save others the trouble in the future I put out the designs, minus Leary's text, into the public domain :)))

Anonymous said...

Iain said:

Thank you for the extra details : )