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Friday, January 22, 2021

Martin's bibliography -- A couple of notes


Yesterday's blog post about Martin Wagner's excellent Robert Anton Wilson bibliography merits a couple of follow up notes.

I've put up a link to Martin's bibliography under "Robert Anton Wilson Resources" on the right side of the page. If you recall that Martin has done a fine RAW biography and you need to find it, you don't have to search through my blog posts to look for a link -- I have placed a link in what (I hope) is a logical place where you can find it.

One of the things I accomplished with this blog is to obtain PDFs of all of the issues of Robert Shea's fanzine "No Governor" and make them available. There is a link to them under "Robert Shea Resources" on the right side of this page. Martin's bibliography lists three articles from "No Governor" and you can follow the link and read all of them. 

Note that in addition to the pieces Martin mentions in the bibliography, Issue No. 8 of "No Governor" has "How to Read/How to Think," a favorite RAW piece of mine reprinted in Coincidance. In addition, Issue No. 10 of "No Governor" has one more piece worth adding to the bibliography -- RAW's letter on freedom of speech, another RAW document I rather like. 

Speaking of Robert Shea, I have a link under "Robert Shea Resources" to Patricia Monaghan's excellent (and award winning) essay about Shea, "Physics and Grief." (It's at the "Patricia Monaghan Mourns Robert Shea" link.) I suggest reading it. For background, on the piece, see this.

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