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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Historia Discordia returns

Adam Gorightly's Historia Discordia apparently had some technical issues and was down for a few weeks in December but it's back up, under old management but with a new server:

Well our Lady Eris threw us a curve-ball in this last December of 2020, Hail Eris!, taking the Historia Discordia site down for about a month.

Now we’re back, we’re adjusting to a new server environment and a new publishing platfrom, you may see that some of the articles since September 2020 don’t have their images.

The remaining issues are being fixed. Be sure to read the old Discordian Society clipping that runs with Adam's post, which explains, "In order to be a member of good standing of our religion you have to be a certified swindler."

Regular postings at the site apparently have resumed, as Adam has just put up an "Eris of the Month."

Welcome back, Adam, and if you aren't familiar with the site, check it out. 

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