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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Prop Anon launches podcast

Prop Anon, who recently announced he has found a publisher for his biography of Robert Anton Wilson,  has been working to get his Patreon account established. He has just launched a podcast and has posted a new video, about 42 minutes long, "The Death of Qanon and the Age of Prop Anon,."

He explains, "This is my inaugural extemporaneous video "lecture" about how I view the last four years while providing information about Propaganda Anonymous, the philosophical and artistic concept that I created in 2001."

I've embedded the video here; if you enjoy it, please check out his Patereon


Oz Fritz said...

Looking forward to hearing this.

Anonymous said...

Iain Spence said:

I like the union of psychic opposites in the video:

Q-Anon hopelessly lost in the participation mystique of the collective unconscious: lazy projection.
Prop Anon taking responsibility for a direct confrontation with the collective unconscious: withdrawing projection.

It's like Prop has been dealt this odd coincidence. So he may as well look for some value in the pair of anons, as a synchronicity.

I liked the video, it was funny too, but sincere. Thank you both for putting it up.