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Thursday, January 21, 2021

A big RAW bibliography

Martin Wagner has put together a big bibliography of RAW's writings, bigger and better than anything else out there. 

Rasa emailed out the link and wrote, "Martin Wagner is a dedicated RAW fan who created an archive in German, but he's working on the English version. Meanwhile, sorta at my request, he published his English version RAW bibliography that rather blows me away. There are no links, but a lot of stuff in the listings is not available anyway. It's just astounding to see what RAW wrote over his career. Martin says, 'sumbunall,' however, I think he's being modest. I'd say 'mosbunall.' The 'nall' doesn't seem obvious because the list is so impressive, but Martin is probably correct to adhere to the logic of maybe."

Much of this of course is available at, or Martin's own website. 

Thanks to Martin for all of his good work. Above is a photo of Martin and his daughter.


Hugh said...

An invaluable resource, thanks Martin.

After seeing High Times' RAW piece on Cabala last week, I've been checking out his other articles on magick at Lots of great stuff - would make for a nice anthology.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Martin. Thanks a lot.
RAWs amount of work is incredible.