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Sunday, January 17, 2021

High Times reprints 1980 interview of RAW

Robert Anton Wilson's birthday is Monday. In honor of that, High Times has reprinted its interview with RAW that took place in 1980. While the interview also is available at Robert Anton Wilson fans, it is welcome to see RAW getting some publicity. 

A couple of the questions and answers:

High Times: One critic has described Illuminatus as a “psychedelic novel.” What is a psychedelic novel?

Wilson: Illuminatus is a psychedelic novel in the sense that it is a novel of initiation and revelation in which the characters go through various forms of brain-change. Robert Shea and I were generally dismayed and pissed off by the stupidities of American politics in the late ’60s, when we began it. We had this strong drive to write a satire on all political movements, all the way across the spectrum.

High Times: One last question: Dr. Wilson, what is your business?

Wilson: My business is making people see that there’s more than one reality.


quackenbush said...

the new com version has a very cool pic and some nice hyperlinks

Hugh said...

You picked the two best Q’s and A’s, Tim!

DanP said...

Holy sh*t! The interviewer is Michael Hollingshead!