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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

RAW writes a movie review

Another find by Martin Wagner: "The Burning Gorilla" by Kevin O'Flaherty McCool ("mosprobably Robert Anton Wilson," Martin says), ostensibly a review of the movie Morgan -- A Suitable Case for Treatment, also seems to be a commentary on the Vietnam War. It was first published in the East Village Other in 1966. Excerpt:

Breathe deeply, from the gut. Do you smell it? It’s blood and napalm. The stink, the pornographic, stench of blood and napalm is all over the country. People are falling in the streets. They call it smog, air pollution, a million lies. I tell you it is blood and napalm. There are stains on the Constitution, and the officials try to tell tourists that it is the mildew of age but it is really blood and napalm. Look at the skirts of Liberty standing there in the harbor. They try to tell you that it is rust that you see. No. No. It is blood and napalm.

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Eric Wagner said...

I remember Bob chose this as a movie of the week at the Maybe Logic Academy.