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Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday links

July 23 from RAW Trust Twitter. My parents' wedding anniversary is July 23. 

Jason Louv on a basic library of occult books. See also his list of books for beginners.  

Timothy Leary's copy of Gravity's Rainbow. 

Alan Moore is retiring from comics. 

Mike Gravel with the eye in the pyramid.

Thread on institutional racism. I hope some of this has changed. Hat tip, @jfsmith23 on Twitter.



Eric Wagner said...

Cool to see Leary’s Pynchon.

Oz Fritz said...

Both lists of occult books look excxellent; just surprised no Robert Anton Wilson titles made it even though we see P.K. Dick's VALIS there. Louv, rightfully imo, calls Lon Milo Duquette the best teacher of Thelema out there. In one of his books he called RAW his hero.