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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Paul Krassner on RAW

Paul Krassner

Jesse Walker has responded to Paul Krassner's death by publishing a "Lost Interview" with Krassner, and some of the discussion is about serving as Robert Anton Wilson's editor.


Walker: What was the editorial process like with him?

Krassner: I would just tell him not to censor himself and hold back. If there was something I didn't understand, I would have to assume I was the common denominator of the reader, and so I would ask the most questions. I would have to look up words in the dictionary when I was reading his manuscript, and I figured the reader would have to look it up too if they didn't understand what it meant.

He would do a thing on Ezra Pound's poetry. And I really didn't quite understand it, but it was interesting that he could transcend the Nazi aspect of him and just deal with this poetry. Because he was a taboo, you know. So for me, it was like, "Can you separate art from the personality of the artist?" It's like Wagner.

More about RAW (and much else besides) at the link. 

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