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Friday, August 14, 2015

Jake Shannon announces Fnord University

Jake Shannon, with his Macebell (an exercise device he invented.) 

Jake Shannon, founder of the thriving Discordian Libertarians group on Facebook (1,739 members so far) has a new venture, FnordU, or "Fnord University."

I noticed it pretty quickly after it popped up, and wrote to Jake to ask about it. He wrote back, "We just opened a few days ago actually. It was born from the privacy and censorship policies of FB, I felt that given the sexual and chemical proclivities of many Discordians that perhaps it would be best to take our chats, OMgasms, etc. to a place that will protect privacy and free expression.

"We just opened so I am looking for contributors (want to write something??). My vision is for FU to be both a educational portal for Discordians (to publish articles, blogs) and a Discordian Social/Schism Network."

I remarked that it sounded a little bit like Maybe Logic Academy and the intriguing Ultraculture and he replied, "It is a web portal like Ultraculture but the emphasis will be the forum inside, which will be like the Discordian Libertarians with privacy and uncensored debauchery, lol."

Jake also introduced FnordU in a Facebook post, writing:

Hey all, pardon my solicitation but if anyone is interested, after 6 months of work is ready to go! Total privacy and no censorship! grew out of this DL group, but people were sick of their images being reported so we now have our own Discordtopia (away from the prying eyes of "the man")...

The disadvantage of FU is that it is $23 yearly but the advantage is that you have both privacy (FB is bad at that) AND no censorship (FB is bad at that too). Also, because people pay to get in you are FAR less likely to find fake accounts.

I wish I could make it free but it takes a bit of time and expense (software costs, server costs, graphic design, etc) to make it available. I think $23 is pretty cheap if you've enjoyed this group at all.

Anyway I hope to make it a Discordian publishing platform so if you're interested in writing articles let me know. I think we can host blogs too if you want to have your own FU blog. Anyway, hope to see you inside.

Hail Eris!

You can read my October 2014 interview with Jake.