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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guns and Dope Party website moves

The Guns and Dope Party website, still maintained by the Robert Anton Wilson estate, lost its former location at — somehow it didn't get renewed, and someone else snapped it up and offered to sell it back for $500. Instead, the website has found a new home, at

Richard Rasa, projects coordinator for the estate,  has asked everyone to spread the word.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, Tom! The fight for universal bi-pedal liberation continues! The Quadruped Liberation Front looks to us for inspiration. The hexapedes seem to think they've already been liberated, and the octopedes, well, we kinda let them do their own creepy thing. As for lobsters and millipedes, the more legs the better!

Anonymous said...

The Lobster has challenged Henry Ford's America. I challenge GaDP Ideologists to contact Cashin Delaney about this challenge. A secret statement from Lobster Central: "We carry no truck with insects of any kind save bees and ants and you don't wanna know about the ants.
Now that our Red Leader owns a great portion of America's desires for shellfish consumption, our top secret Blue Cabal, operating off of Cape Breton, is in position to rule.
Why am I blurting all this out! The Keg. the Keg. It is a plot afoot. The MacDonald's Clan s gathering. Taco Bell has been rung.
$ *clockclickclick*How I lobster, and flounder again. This is my ebook, it is only available on etsy as a CD. [incoherance] It is I, the Blue Lobster. Not a voice actor. How can guns and dope resist sportscars and caviar. Red Leader has enough power now?" - issued from Lobster Central, Blue Lobster, official secret public hidden overt glazed bean spillage transcript, Bean Spillage Trials of August 11 2015 court record

Ideologies start your engines. Get your medicine. Drink your cod liver oil. Fire away like a Star Chamber. Ask them anything, about Lobster's and why they think they are a better physical form than sportscars, but still respect them so much! Mussel Cars have no wheels. Only a parking break. This is Lobster Racecar Bonvivant humour, not mine. I don't know what half this shit means. I just typed it.