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Sunday, December 6, 2020

RAW in FACT Magazine

Robert Anton Wilson biographer Prop Anon points out an avenue of research on Twitter.

Prop writes, "Robert Anton Wilson wrote for FACT magazine in the early 1960s, long before Illuminatus! This website has ALL the issues of Fact up and its free to peruse."

The magazine was edited and published by Ralph Ginsburg; the first issue at the website has a piece about the drug experiences of "advertising man" Ronald Weston, a pen name that RAW used. 

The magazine lasted for three years, 1964 to 1967; Wikipedia has a short article. 


supergee said...

My parents subscribed to Fact so I read each issue as it came out. As you can see from the covers, it was grossly sensationalistic, but I found it fun. The mental health professionals telling me that Goldwater (but not Johnson) was too unstable to be president was what cured me of believing in Freud. I found RAW’s Realist articles much more interesting than the ones in Fact

quackenbush said...

The _fact:_ article about the Jehovah's Witness has been the most popular article at for several years now.

quackenbush said...

Thanks to some help from a FB friend, I'm now up to a total of 9 essays which includes 2 by "Ronald Weston."