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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Update on planned 'Illuminatus!' TV show

Prop Anon interviews Brian Taylor, showrunner for the planned 'Illuminatus!' TV series.  The interview is posted on the Mondo2000 website. 

Some of the news: "We are still in a stage where we’re looking for a partner. We need a network. We need somebody who is willing to take a chance on this thing." And plans also call for bringing the show into the present, rather than leaving it back in the original 1970s setting. Taylor says encouraging things about capturing the complicated tone and texture of the original. 

Taylor also vows that if he gets to make it, the show will not water down the original material. "It’s better not to make it at all than to make the compromised version with no teeth. If we’re going to make it, it would have to be something that would make Robert proud. It has to be something that strives to have that type of impact and embraces the spirit of the material. If it can’t be that then I really believe it’s not worth the time to do it. Let the book stand. The book is always going to be great."

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Eric Wagner said...

I remember twelve years ago when promotional items for Hannah Montana and High School Musical filled Walmart. In one possible universe Illuminatus! becomes that popular.