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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

New Italian edition of 'Sex, Drugs & Magick' published


Rasa at the RAW Trust reports that the Hilaritas Press edition of Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits is "nearly ready to be released."

And that's not Rasa's only news. RAW fans who can read Italian may read the new Italian language edition of the book, put out by the Italian publisher Spazio Interiore.

"John Higgs has worked with Stefano Bollani, who wrote the preface for this new Italian edition. John says he’s quite a good guy and a huge RAW fan," Rasa reports. (Mr. Bollani is an Italian musician and composer who has done pop music, jazz, classical music and soundtracks and worked with a very long list of musicians in different genres; he has also published several books, has a cartoon character based upon him and is an "Honorary member of the Italian Institute of 'Pataphysics." He also has written and hosted radio and TV shows and performed in theater.  And 43 solo music albums so far. )

"Giovanni Picozza, at Spazio Interiore, said the book's subtitle, 'A Journey Beyond Limits' didn't really work if translated literally. They are using 'I sentieri proibiti della trascendenza' that in English would be something like: 'The forbidden paths of transcendence'." 

More here.  

The translator is Elisa Manisco. Elisa Manisco (if it's the same person) is an Italian journalist and the author of the book PJ Harvey La sirena del Rock

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Hugh said...

Very cool. Beautiful cover art.