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Friday, December 4, 2020

New John Higgs book on Blake out soon

John Higgs has revealed the cover for his Blake book and announced a publication date (for the United Kingdom.)

Above is the cover for John Blake vs. the World. John says, 

"I won't lie - as a book it's quite something. It is less a biography or a critique - although it has those elements - and more an attempt to grasp what Blake was trying to tell us. If your reality tunnel has taken a battering these past few years, you'll find this to be good medicine.

"I like that the cover is a return to the pink and yellow of the KLF book. More importantly, it's pink with yellow circles - if you're going to dive into Blake, it's important to do so in the style of Mr Blobby.

"It's out on 27 May 2021, and to pre-order it is an act of unspeakable kindness that would earn my eternal gratitude. You can do so from all the usual suspects like Amazon  and Waterstones  (Hive and Bookshop UK are yet to list pre-orders, sadly, but your local independent bookshop can take care of you).

"More on this to come, of course!"

No word yet on U.S. publication, according to John, although of course American readers can buy it anyway online. 

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