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Thursday, December 17, 2020

New official Robert Anton Wilson site relaunches


The official Robert Anton Wilson website -- a direct descendant of the site RAW published when he was alive -- has been relaunched. It was shut down for awhile so that it could be revamped. It's back up with lots of improvements made by Rasa; if you don't get the email newsletter from the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, you can still read all about it.  (The newsletter has images of what the site has looked like over the years; I particularly liked seeing it as it looked in 1997, when it began, hence my illustration.) 

But in a sense, writing about the website "buries the lede," as journalists such as myself say. A highlight of the bulletins from the RAW Trust, at least for me, are the messages they contain from RAW's daughter, Christina Pearson. The piece from her seems especially good to me this time. It's about the huge role Rasa has played in preserving RAW's literary legacy and making is work available to the public.  The recognition for Rasa is well deserved. I knew some of this but not all of it; please read the essay. 


Eric Wagner said...

I agree. I loved her essay about Rasa. He has done a great job with Hilaritas and all of his other Wilsonian efforts.

Anonymous said...

Iain Spence said:

I liked this heart warming update to the work at Hilaritas Press. The background story to the origins of the press was also good to read. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes : )

Rasa said...

Honestly, I'm just giving back some of the amazing energy I got from RAW. That's an amazing part of his legacy, that so many people get enough out of his work and life to be inspired to "pass it on."