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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Happy Beethoven's birthday!

Today is (probably) the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. (He was baptized Dec.17 and the usual assumption is he was born the day before.) Here is coverage from the New York Times. 

I probably will find time to listen to Beethoven today and I suspect Eric Wagner and perhaps other RAW fans will, too. I have still not made up my mind who is my favorite conductor for recordings of the symphonies, but I like George Szell. For the piano sonatas I like a variety of pianists, including Sviatoslav Richter and Alfred Brendel; lately, I have been listening to Ikuyo Nakamichi, who has recorded all 32 of them. I really like most of her interpretations, and she's good with Mozart, too. She likes to post photos of her performances on her Twitter account and Japan apparently has some really beautiful concert venues. The caption for the above photo, posted Oct. 30, says, "Yatsugatake Kogen Concert Hall. A special impression surrounded by autumn nature. Beautiful time to enjoy the sound."

1 comment:

Eric Wagner said...

A high holy day. Schroeder taught me its importance early. I love Furtwangler's Beethoven.