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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Feeling anxious?


Yes, we are living in the age of COVID-19, but the 1990s had some anxious moments, too. At RAW Semantics, Brian Dean writes about his old zine, Anxiety Culture, and the letter and audio commentary he got from Robert Anton Wilson when he sent RAW a copy of the zine. 

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BFHN said...

Sounds not dissimilar to what Naomi Klein coined as the "shock doctrine".

Regardless, I have been getting the impression that 2020 is on many aspects very linked to the paranoid post-Charles Manson era (to make it simple, the madness described in Illuminatus!), and to a lesser extent the 90's. In retrospect it does seem strange that a decade in which people were believing in a New World Order would foster something like The X-Files ('TRUST NO ONE'), that seems like out from the mind of 70's thriller ala Parallax View.
And now in 2020, these fictions have been transpiring so much into so many people's reality tunnel that it even became a non-negligeable alternate consensus reality (QAnon etc).
For those reasons I feel like a brain hacker and guerilla ontologist like RAW and his ideas are non only more relevant today than ever, but also perhaps more necessary, if we are to avoid a total disaster.

Am I now spreading more anxiety ? ahah, I hope not.
Take good care of yourself, everyone. :)