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Saturday, January 20, 2018

RAW Trust news: Jewelry now available, book almost out

Daisy Campbell wearing the prototype pendant based on Robert Anton Wilson's spiral ring. 

Another newsletter from the RAW Trust, which you can read here.

The gist of it: (1) The spiral pendant based upon a ring that RAW wore is now available for purchase. $123, buy here.  If you missed the newsletter giving the background on the pendant and how Daisy Campbell came to be wearing it, above, go here. 

And (2) The print edition of Coincidance: A Head Test will be out any day now. It will be the fifth new edition from Hilaritas Press. As I've mentioned before, it's unusually generous with extra goodies: A new introduction from Alan Moore, and a long, previously unavailable interview with Robert Anton Wilson. I'll follow up when the print book is out; the Kindle ebook is out now. 

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