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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Daisy Campbell news

Daisy Campbell 

Daisy Campbell has released her January "Cosmic Update," i.e. her email newsletter, which you can read here. 

Lots of "find the others" events in the United Kingdom, so you should sign up especially if you live there. Perhaps the biggest news this time is that Daisy is embarking on a solo tour beginning in May, a one-woman show:

Having grown up repeatedly watching my dad's one-man shows (cheaper than a babysitter), I'm now marking the 10 year anniversary of his death with a full-blown Campbellian monologue of my own. 

When Daisy summons Pigspurt (the daimonic side of Ken's personality) through an inadvertent act of gastromancy (the rectal invocation of dead spirits), he goads her to take her story to the end of the line - the Great Gnothing that the Gnostics talk of... The Gap. 

You're a well-connected lot - if you know of/book/own any venues that might be interested in receiving this show from May onwards, please give me a shout. 

Lots of other events, too, including more readings for Alastair Fruish's The Sentence. 

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