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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Wilsonmas

Robert Anton Wilson in 1986. Photo by Duncan Harvey. More here. 

Robert Anton Wilson was born Jan. 18, 1932, in Brooklyn, so if he were alive today, he'd be marking his 86th birthday. I stole the "Wilsonmas" coinage from Eric Wagner.

Although it's been 11 years since his death in 2007, interest in him has not seemed to diminish. I'm still getting comments posted on Sunday's post about RAW's Crowley writings (go see the new comments from the likes of Oz Fritz and Adam Gorightly).  And see Gregory Arnott's recent Tumblr post, linking the Utopians in the novels of science fiction's hottest new writer, Ada Palmer, to the Leary/Wilson SMI2LE project. 

I renewed the registration for another year this week. While my traffic numbers will never impress our friends at Boing Boing, traffic on this site continues to slowly creep upward. It's not bad for a blog devoted to an obscure writer who never had a best seller. 


Dustin said...

Happy Wilsonmas! Thanks for keeping keeping the torch lit for all us lurkers trying to non-simultaneously apprehend RAW.

Eric Wagner said...

Thanks for a wonderful website!

Branka Tesla said...

It seems to me that the interest for RAW is on the rise. I felt Wilson's powerful presence during the Robert Anton Wilson Day on 23rd of July 2017 in Santa Cruz. That relatively small space at Museum of Art and History was filled with so much positive, uplifting, creative and humorous cognitive energy.  One guy flew from the East Coast with his backpack and laptop, and he did not know where he was staying that night, but he was there. Speaking of dedication!

Thank you Tom and thank you to so many others who keep RAW alive. I think the writer never dies.

Keep the lasagna flying!