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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

PQ's year in review

Peter Quadrino, sports analyst and James Joyce critic

I have been highlighting year-in-review blog posts by various folks, and there's one more I want to draw you attention to: PQ's roundup, which features many topics that will interest the folks who read this blog: There's information about his James Joyce scholarship and activism, his forays into hip-hop, his trips to museums to look at modern art, and a list of the books he read during the year, many of which will interest sombunall of y'all. Also a photo of his girlfriend displaying her ability to hit basketball outside shots wearing a dress and a sports coat. No word yet on whether the Cleveland Cavaliers will sign her to counter Stephen Curry in the NBA playoffs. My interview with PQ on his Waywords and Meansigns project is still available. 

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PQ said...

Thanks for sharing this, Tom!