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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two views of 'Stranger Than We Can Imagine'

John Higgs' "Stranger Than We Can Imagine," published in the U.S. without getting a lot of attention, has just gotten two new book reviews.

The Wall Street Journal's review (by Steven Poole) ran Saturday; the lead to Poole's review picks up on Higgs casually brilliant observation that reports of UFOs suddenly declined in the smart phone era, when if they existed proof should have been plentiful in an era in which everyone carries around a camera. Mr. Poole didn't like the book quite as much as I did, but he does state that Along the way author and reader have fun." And I agree that the chapter on science fiction was particularly good.

Michael Johnson also has written a review and says that the book is vital. Michael says the book speaks to three different classes of readers and explains who they are. "There are no dull moments in this book," Michael says, and I agree; I read through it pretty quickly.

I'll try to get my own review posted soon.


michael said...

Thanks for the nod, Tom.

You seem heavily responsible for the fact Higgs got reviewed at the OG.

There was a lot of RAW-ish content lurking in the book, and I didn't include it because I thought it detracted from what was already a breathless spiel.

But if anyone's innarested:

Look at Higgs on pp.266-270 in the chapter on "Growth", then re-read RAW's piece in RWYASN: "Ecology, Malthus, and Machiavelli." then look at p.268 of Higgs again. This seems an occult way of disagreeing/taking issue with RAW, this section only privy to those who might read

There were other similar sections, and they seem more in accordance with RAW w/o ever naming him in the text.

PQ said...

I was hoping to get my "Stranger Than Fiction" review finished by now too, so it could roll out with some of these others. Alas...

Anyway, I adore the book. Can't wait to read it again.

I'm also very happy to have the OG back in the mix.

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