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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

RAW role-playing game

Ted Hand, on Twitter, sent out this flyer for a role-playing game that RAW ran in the 1990s.

Does anyone have more information?


Eric Wagner said...

I participated in the Consppiracy Game with Bob and had a great time.

Chad N. said...

Tell us what it was like! How was it played?

Eric Wagner said...

When I preregistered for the Conspiracy Game I got my assignment in the mail. I would play an alien using the cover of an L.A. Times reporter covering the game. A friend gave me a reporter's notebook to help me play the part. Bob introduced the game and everyone played their roles. If a character died, they went to a resurrection room where, after some time on a light and sound machine, they would receive a new role. I didn't die during the game, so I didn't actually see the resurrection room. One particularly loud actor played an evangelist who criticized everyone else. Many people tried to get the Maltese Falcon. At the end the Falcon got smashed and the evangelist revealed himself as Dr. Van Helsing.

Afterwards we had a debriefing with Bob. He seemed sad his Maltese Falcon had gotten smashed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric. Thanksfor asking Chad.