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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday links

Doug Henwood

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michael said...

Thanks for the interview with Henwood, although the topic just seems dire to me.

I hadn't known Gates blogged on books, but I agree with him about _Stuff Matters_by Mark Miodownik: this was a stunning book; I was already interested in Materials Science but he added a new dimension to it. The things that are going on with the manipulation of materials (metals that are 99.9% air and very stable; solid nanoparticles that can deform like a liquid; all kinds of new exotic salts; a magnetic hair that can deflect the flow of water; all sorts of "metamaterials" that have weird mechanical properties, etc) aren't getting pop attention. Miodnowik's is probably the first book to draw attention to this really cool stuff going on.

Thanks to Cory Doctorow every time I see a clip of Sonny Bono (usually with Cher) I want to tell anyone within earshot how much he screwed all of us.

And finally: whoah! h/t to John Merritt indeed. I've been trying to get a line on how serious Leary's teleology was, and the wonderful weirdos at that site were new to me. Good catch!