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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wilhelm Reich in Hell Kickstarter fails

The Kickstarter project by 2 Pomme D'Or 3 Productions to stage a version of Robert Anton Wilson's Wilhelm Reich in Hell has failed. By the time the deadline has expired Monday, the project had raised £464 in pledges toward the £6,000 goal. Because Kickstarter has "all or nothing" rules, none of the 24 backers who had pledged support actually were charged any money. (I was one of the 24 backers, but unfortunately I was in no position financially to provide the kind of support they really needed.)

I haven't seen any word yet on Twitter on what comes next, but if you follow my link, you can probably get the latest.


Unknown said...

That's pretty sad, but to be fair I wouldn't expect an awful lot of folks to have even heard of it. Must've been about 20 years ago I myself got a copy of the book version (obscure here, think I ordered it from Falcon Press). Not a patch on much of Bobs other works either, many of course including discourse on the life and works of Wilhelm Reich.

nakchtra devi said...
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