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Friday, December 11, 2015

Spam woes

I got a notice from Google Adsense this week that I need to remove "adult content" from one of my old posts (it was one about John Higgs.) There was no adult content in the actual post, but I had a bunch of tasteless spam ads put on the page as comments that I had to laboriously remove, one by one; it took me about 15 minutes. Does anyone have any advice on how to mass-remove spam comments, or to keep them from being posted?


PQ said...

I've been having problems with spam comments on my blog lately, too. So I set it up so that comments can only be posted once approved. I don't remember how I did that...but I don't think it was all that difficult.

nines said...

Most spammers choose old posts to spam, only rarely do they go to very recent ones. Go to your settings and get email notifications for all comments, and set all comments for posts older than, say, seven days, you choose, for moderation. That way you catch ALL spam before, or very quickly after, it hits your blog.

The only way to "mass delete" spam is to go to the published comments page on your dash and check them individually and then hit "delete" OR "spam". Usually better to mark as spam so Blogger can update their spam blocking, but most of the old stuff is probably already banned spam.

nines said...

I should add that after you mark spam Blogger learns that it's spam and doesn't bother letting it get posted at all after that. Never stops them, but makes them work much harder.

chas said...

Close comments after a judicious period of time?