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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Libertarians have no one to vote for

Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner, one of the contributors to the excellent EconLog blog, has a good post up, "Libertarians have nowhere to turn," highlighting the futility of libertarians supporting anyone in either of the two major parties.

Sumner is an economist, so his particular complaint this time is the two year delay in the "Cadillac tax" in the just-passed omnibus spending bill. "The one good policy reform in Obamacare has been delayed for another 2 years. Does anyone seriously believe that it will then be implemented?"

As Sumner implies, the tax is supported by a wide range of economists. Here's a backgrounder. 

My pet example is the peace issue -- try finding a member of Congress who will state clearly that we should get out of the Mideast instead of ramping up our war activities.

One of my local senators, Sherrod Brown, actually put out a press release bragging about delaying the tax. 

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