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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Did Joyce's 'Wake' span the globe?

Peter Quadrino is always an interesting and perceptive writer, although sadly, his prediction that my Cleveland Indians would fare well last season did not turn out to be correct. I'm expecting better luck for his backing of a new suggestion about James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. In a new post, PQ says he is convinced by a new theory that the Wake attempts to represent the geography of the globe.  You also learn something about Ulysses in reading PQ's post.


Anonymous said...

When Joyce becomes global-mainstream we will have embraced the flat-earth as a safer paradigm. The remotest space stations will be understood as our psychic interior. Serious question: if Jack Parsons, and German magicians merely got us past Earth's gravity, who will overcome space, for real, for us, and really bring it home. The Wizard of New Zealand? The HotTub Timelords? Baseball teams bounce up the rankings pretty quickly Tom, take heart. I cheer the Toronto Maple Leafs in Canada. Sadly, I have no hope of seeing Joyce conquer the world, no, not at all. He is hardly Lucy Maude Montgomery! Japanese don't give a flying shag about James Joyce, do they? In Labrador I doubt there is even 1 reading group. No one cares about a crazy drunk's personal vendetta against the clock, the English Language. Do they?

Anonymous said...

Jeopardy answer in 2116, category; Game Changers: Conceived as a video game in it's infancy, which novelist inspired RiverrunnerZ, the software which led to our current ability to 'time-travel'?

I imagine (not having ever time travelled myself) that there were wrong questions, as people are generally forgetting the old drunkard, of course.....conquering time is not so much conquering mainstream. The World?

PQ said...

Many thanks, Tom!

Part 2 of the "Wake as Globe" series is coming soon.

As for the Tribe, their stumble out of the gate was ultimately their downfall. Leave out April and they're a playoff team. Or if they'd even played .500 ball in April they'd have been in the hunt. Alas. Baseball is a fickle mistress.