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Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday links

The best movie of 2005, according to Jesse Walker.

Jesse Walker has begun his annual year-end movie top ten lists. I must be really out of it, I haven't seen any of his top ten for 2005. Looking forward to seeing what he lists for the earlier decades.

Just bomb them already, I don't want to worry about all of the details. 

The online surveillance provisions slipped into the new budget bill. 

New John Higgs interview. 

Not everyone loves the new "Star Wars" movie. Tyler Cowen says he agrees with the review.  No spoilers in that review, but there are some in Tyler's review. 

Locked out of Twitter for wrong opinions?  


Anonymous said...

The Agrabah thing is more ignorance than violence. There were similar results years ago when people were asked if the party they didn't like was doing enough about Fredonia.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

But I'm still struck that people want to bomb a country they can't even identify. Apparently for many people, dropping bombs is the default option.

John said...
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